The Pro Verdict: Jetleo Talks Carbon

In the first edition of FPCB’s new series, we speak to former sponsored pro and feared online player jetleo1111 about Carbon Poker.

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On how Carbon Poker ranks alongside some of the big names in the online poker world:

“Carbon’s graphics aren’t as exhilarating as PKR, there are not as many tables as PokerStars and the site is not as renowned as FullTilt. It doesn’t boast any of those features on its own but has a high standard of them when grouped together and it sure can live up to most of these.”

On the most appealing aspects of Carbon Poker:

“Carbon has many game variations (not as much as FTP but close to it). There is excellent online support – I enjoyed the personal assistant for Carbon level VIPs. There are great offers for new players to keep the fish coming in, plus they support the old timers by the VIP scheme. Gameplay itself is smoother than PokerStars. For those who do not realise, PS is really slow compared to a lot of other sites and can be agonising. Carbon doesn’t have this tilting nature.”

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