Smash the $20,000 PKR Equalizer

Time is money on PKR this November. The world's most advanced poker room is giving away a total of $20,000 to players this month. All you have to do is PLAY...and play...and play!

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All November, PKR will be leaking money. There are 100 separate cash prizes up-for-grabs. Here's how you claim yours:

November 1st - 15th

Players earn 1 equalizer point for every ring game hand played, plus 2 equalizers points for every SNG and 4 for every MTT. If you make the top 250 on the $10,000 Equalizer 1 leaderboard, you will scoop a cash prize of as much as $1,000.

November 16th - 30th 

Earn 1 equalizer point per 100 PKR points in ring games, 2 points per 100 PKR points in SNG and 4 points per 100 PKR points in MTTs. Again, 250 cash prizes are up for grabs. 

Good luck!

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