William Hill Poker Boot Camp

ATTEN-TION! You have been called up by William Hill Poker to fight. Opt-in today to take your shot at $700 of Poker Boot Camp prizes, but be warned - only the fittest will survive!

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Take part in the William Hill Poker Boot Camp. Playing is easy. You just have to collect WH by playing as much poker as you can. Stamina and endurance are the key assets of a good poker soldier. 

There are several different levels of rewards. At Boot Camp Level 1, you just have to collect 100 WH Points on 10, 15 or 20 different days in the month. If you can hack it, you reach Private, Corporal or Sergeant level and $5, $7.50 and $10 respectively - PLUS bonus dollars. At General level, you are rewarded for scooping up 2,500 bonus dollars 20 different days with $150 in cash and a mega $550 bonus dollars.

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