Build Your Bonus at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker's Build Your Bonus allows you to unlock up to $400 of extra cash by racking up Full Tilt Points. No deposit is required to qualify for this promotion - you can simply opt-in and play with your existing bankroll.

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To start building your bonus, you must:

- Opt-in before Saturday August 25
- Hit one of the five bonus targets. These are achieved by racking up specified amounts of points before deadlines throughout the qualifying period.

Time is on your side! Every day that you earn even a fraction of Full Tilt Point before August 28th, you will be given an extra day to clear the bonus and earn more cash.

40% of your total bonus payout will be given on Thursday, August 29th. There are three more bonus installment dates when you will receive payment as you play.  

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