WSOP Event #1 - $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'Em


The final table convened a few days ago in the The Rio Casino Employees event. No big names were involved here as all players were dealers, floor-people and security workers. 
Bobby Rooney held a strong chip-lead with 10 players remaining, although Allan Kwong was not too far behind.

After Bobby Rooney's elimination in 3rd place, this event progressed to a heads-up battle with Chad Holloway holding a practically 2:1 chiplead over Allan Kwong.

In the final hand, Kwong raised pre-flop to 75,000 and Holloway called. On a flop of Q Q 5, Holloway check-raised a bet from Kwong, who then shoved all-in. Holloway insta-called with Q9, which was crushing Kwong's overplayed AK. Holloway's hand help-up through the turn and the river. Congratulations to Event 1 winner Chad Holloway, who scoops more than $84,000!

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