Playtech in Trouble After USA Security Blunder

With terrible timing that could rival the watches sold by shady beach salesmen in European resorts, Playtech have announced a security loophole which has allowed US-based players to transfer funds between iPoker sites such as William Hill Poker and Titan Poker. With Playtech hoping to be approved to operate online poker rooms in the USA, this news must bring a severe blow to their chances of achieving success in the endeavour. 

iPoker's crisis came about after online poker affiliate PokerVIP started enabling US-based players to access and move poker funds between iPoker platforms. It also faciliated deposits and withdrawals from European platforms - an act currently illegal  due to gambling legislation in the USA. 
Playtech have now put a blanket ban on all player transfers across their network. After enquiries by affiliates, iPoker cited "security concerns" as a reason for this decision. Commenters on the news have observed a "worrying lack of identification" being required by a player making a transaction. From personal experience, this writer can vouch for there being no identification required when withdrawing winnings. 

While it is not being implied that iPoker deliberately allowed members of a restricted nation to make transactions, their carelessness in failing to spot this loophole plunges their future plans into jeopardy. iPoker are keen be at the forefront of the 'new poker boom' hoped to stem from new gambling legislation in the USA and want to be an approved gaming partner. It seems that scurrilous players were able to access iPoker rooms by using a VPN code, which effectively masked their computer's location and ghosted as one in Europe. An inability to prevent such tactics must make iPoker unappealing to US regulators who will wish to enforce strict limits on players trying to play online poker in unlicensed states. 

Of course, there is still time for iPoker to upgrade their security software and reinvigorate their challenge for a high status in the new US market. This setback is certainly a major blow to their chances, however. 

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