Pokerstars Spanks 'Bumhunters'

Online poker giant Pokerstars has taken the bold step of cracking down on the practice of 'bumhunting'. By preventing players from joining empty full ring and six max tables with 'sit-out' clicked, it is hoped that strong players will be stopped from selectively preying upon weak players. 

Pokerstars have made the changes with the intention of making their poker room a more friendly place for inexperienced players. Newbies feeling intimidated by strong players lying in wait at empty tables is thought to be responsible for driving weak players away from the game. In truth, the change could benefit every level of the poker economy.  Weak players will enjoy their time on Pokerstars more and be more likely to run into players of a similar skill level, while 'sharks' will be forced to play strong opponents more often than they previously would. 

Given the prevalence of the issue at high and mid stakes Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold 'Em tables, this is where the measures have been enforced. Players can now only sit-out at an empty table for a maximum 30 seconds before being removed. No longer can a 'reg' sit-out at an empty table, wait for an unsuspecting newcomer to arrive and play until they are busted before sitting out and waiting for another. 

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