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When playing a tournament, huge observational demands are placed upon a player. To be successful, one must be alert to crucial opponent tendencies such aggressiveness, looseness and bet sizing. At the same time, this information has to be processed in relation to playing your own hand. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was some software that could keep track of your opponents for you? Step forward, Tournament Indicator.


But wait, is this legal?

Yes! Every product produced by The Indicator Group has been approved for use at over 300 poker online poker sites. These include the major rooms such as Bovada, Full Tilt, PartyPoker and Pokerstars. Tournament Indicator is not a ‘bot’ which plays your hand for you, nor does it give you access to information which is not available to other players. It simply records hands played and monitors stack sizes to help you to keep track of opponents and their tendencies.


It is difficult to know where to start here. Tournament Indicator is crammed with useful features, which all combine to help you to consistently go deep in online poker tournaments. When open, Tournament Indicator instantly detects when you start an SNG or poker tournament, then latches onto the bottom of the screen. The Indicator window can be resized, or changed to HUD view, which provides abbreviated statistics above each player’s table avatar.

Odds Calculation and Hand Strength

Tournament Indicator clearly displays drawing odds and pot odds during a hand. If trying to calculate whether you have the correct price to chase a straight or flush, this is an invaluable assistance. The software also tells you which Sklansky Hand Ranking group your starting hand falls into, along with the EV (Expected Value) of that hand. These figures are drawn from the work of prominent poker writer and statistician David Sklansky, whose poker books have educated many of the world’s finest tournament players. When facing an all-in bet, you can switch to Match Cards view. This allows you to view the statistical strength of your hand relative to other groups of hands, such as premium pairs, big aces, small pairs and medium suited connectors. Given the time pressure on each decision, this instantly-available information makes it more likely that you make the correct decision.

Player Profiling

This is arguably the most valuable feature of the software. Tournament Indicator displays a vast amount of empirical information underneath the table as a tournament progresses. You can customise the statistics displayed to suit your needs. Some vital data displayed:

- Player VPIP (percentage of hands in which they voluntarily put chips into the pot)

- Pre-flop raise percentage

- Aggression factor (handy for showing whether a player is aggressive or passive)

- Continuation bet percentage

- Steal percentage (how often did a player try to steal the blinds?)

- Percentage of hands taken to showdown, and of hands won at showdown.

- Net loss in the last 15 hands (are they ‘on tilt’?)

The software analyses all of these details to give each player an icon to summarise their style of play. These icons are drawn from Phil Hellmuth’s legendary Creature Guide, from his best-selling book ‘Play Poker Like the Pros’. This characterises a player in ways such as Mouse (tight passive) and Monkey (loose, aggressive).

Even better news is that Tournament Indicator keeps data forever. Once you have seen a player in one tournament, you have their profiling data at your fingertips whenever you play them again. This gives you a head-start from Hand 1.

MZone Calculation

Anyone aware of WSOP Main Event champion Dan Harrington will know about his pioneering work in the field of poker tournament strategy. He developed the concept of the MZone, which calculates the cost of an orbit of the table in relation to your stack size. This MZone number is then used as the key factor in deciding how and indeed whether to play particular hands. Tournament Indicator calculates your MZone number and classification after every hand, whilst doing the same for each player at the table. Not only does this allow you to recognise the mathematically correct decision for your own hand, but you can also understand the motivations for your each of your opponent’s plays. 

Hand Replayer

When looking to improve your game and learn from mistakes, there is no more essential tool than a real-time hand replayer. Tournament Indicator’s replayer allows you to review every hand you have played, along with every statistic you had available at the time. As you gain experience and look to sharpen your decision making skills, this tool can allow you to highlight your recurrent leaks and eliminate them from your game.

Further Information

The statistics tell their own story. Tournament Indicator now has over 15,000 owners, which is testament to its reliability and potential to improve your tournament game. The Tournament Indicator 7 day free trial gives full functionality and allows you to use the product in any SNG or mutli-table tournament during that period.

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