Keep Your Friends Close

Since the advent of online poker, Internet fora have multiplied rapidly. Players around the world with varied levels of experience use message boards to look for strategy advice, seek coaching and ask for hand history reviews. Generally, these sources of information are absolutely free.


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Immerse yourself in a poker forum and speak to people with vast amounts of experience. Users are typically very friendly and happy to talk about the game they love with like-minded grinders and newcomers alike. Again, be sure not to blindly follow advice without having some sense of the poster’s background. A user having made a large number of posts is often indicative of a high level of respectability. Be sure not to over-face yourself with advice that is inappropriate for your current buy-in level. Reading high stakes player debates about such elaborate moves as cold five-betting, floating and range merging can have a catastrophic impact on your game as a micro stakes player. Known as Fancy Play Syndrome (FPS), this is a certain route to a bankroll nosedive against players too weak to appreciate your moves. Learn from people who write about your current buy-in stake level.

Emotional Support

Poker friends of any type are superb comforters when things go awry. Although some do not take kindly to a bad beat story, friends are usually empathetic and keen to console you after a bad run, an unlucky loss or a dip in self-confidence. From their perspective, they do not want to lose you as a valued and trusted sharer of their favourite hobby, so will always be supportive.

Shared Resources

You will also find that your acquaintances are particularly good sources of helpful poker content. Perhaps they have seen some insightful strategy videos, spotted a free bankroll offer or have read a poker book that caused an electric spike in their win rate. You will be the first to hear this valuable information.

Staking and Shared Action

If you are keen to play a major event live or online, you can often find friends willing to stake you into the game or share action with you. Such arrangements make higher buy-in games more accessible if your bankroll is a little short, whilst giving you the opportunity to benefit from any success your buddy might have. Be aware that it is illegal to mine hand histories or play on another person’s account in most online rooms. Even so, you can still discuss hands played after the event and observe a different style of play from afar when railing a friend from the sidelines.

In Summary

To conclude, the forging of strong poker friendships benefits you in terms of emotional support and gives you access to mutually-beneficial financial arrangements. It also gives you access to a much greater quantity of poker content than you would have found alone. Perhaps most importantly, your poker friends become your loyal group of well-wishers. They will always be ready to crack open a bottle of champagne with you when you make those big scores. You can’t have a party on your own!

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