PKR Super Series

For players at the world's most advanced online poker room, the PKR Super Series has returned! With diverse structures and over $100,000 in expected prize pools, PLUS the Super Series Leaderboard, these are exciting times at PKR.

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The PKR Super Series has a tournament for every type of poker player. If you like your games slow and tactical, then you will love the Deep Stack events - where skillful play truly comes to the fore. 

If you are in the mood to gamble, why not play the Rebuy events? Losing your stack is not the end of the world in these games, as you can buy yourself straight back into the action after that bad beat or unlucky situation.

The PKR Super Series also offers Terminator events, which give you extra cash for every player you bust out. These are excellent games to play when you feel like going on a rampage.

Alongside the main PKR Super Series is the Mini Super Series, which caters for players with more budget bankrolls. Buy-ins range between $1.50 and $3.50 and games follow the pattern of the larger series. A leaderboard runs concurrently with both series, with points gained depending on your finishing position at each event. 30 winners are rewarded with great tournament tickets to other massive PKR events.

Every event winner is given a limited edition Super Series bracelet to immortalise your victory. 

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