Furious Jungleman Challenges Grundy to Poker Deathmatch

In a dramatic turn of events, high stakes online poker legend Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates has challenged British poker player Ben Grundy to a heads-up poker battle.
The drama between Cates and Grundy stemmed from a controversial topic about multi-accounting on an online poker forum. Grundy claimed to know of many well-known poker players who had used multiple accounts in the past, but refused to name them citing a vow of secrecy. Cates was apparently so enraged by this tantalising comment, that he was moved to challenge Grundy as follows:

"yo ben grundy, im waiting for you all day you lil bitch. Any stake you want including 5001k"

The proposition, commonly known as 'Heads-up for Rolls' challenges Grundy to play the highest available stakes and put his net worth on the line to prove his poker superiority. Grundy is known as a meticulous selector of games, who tends to avoid clashes with strong opponents such as Jungleman. It remains to be seen whether he will accept the challenge.

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