PokerStars Unveil SMS Security

In an update that solidifies the status of PokerStars as a leader in the online poker industry, the Rational Group's flagship site has introduced SMS Security as a free feature for all members.

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The new SMS security feature on PokerStars is unique among current online poker rooms. Once a user activates the security measure by entering their mobile phone number details into the 'Account' section of the PokerStars client, they can benefit from the significantly-increased level of security.

SMS security automatically alerts a user via text when any suspicious account activity occurs. These alerts could be triggered by a string of failed password attempts, an unusual change in payment details or attempts to alter player information. Until the user accesses their account via an SMS security code, all real money functions are disabled to prevent fraud.

SMS security can also be used to reset a forgotten or changed password, as used with e-mail clients such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

This new level of security will be used in conjunction with the existing successful RSA security tokens available to players from the PokerStars FPP store. With these devices, a player can only log-in to their account with a correct username, password and RSA pin number. In theory, this makes unauthorised access close to impossible.

The PokerStars SMS security feature will be offered to players from only three or four countries in the initial beta testing stage. Once any glitches are ironed out at this stage, PokerStars SMS security will be available to all users. 





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