Dwan Claims Multi-Accounting is "not cheating"

High stakes poker player and Full Tilt Poker's sponsored pro Tom Dwan has shocked the online community by claiming that users who create multiple player accounts are "not cheating". In spite of Dwan's incendiary comments, it must be remembered that this act contravenes the Terms of Service of most leading online poker rooms, including Full Tilt Poker.

The practice of multi-accounting is widely banned due to the unfair advantage it can give players, especially at the higher stakes games. A well-known skilled player can often struggle to find opponents who are willing to sit with them. By creating an extra account, the feared player is able to fool high stakes regulars into thinking that they are playing a newcomer, who will be easily beaten.

Following Dwan's comments, the spotlight has fallen on mixed game specialist Jared Bleznick, who is suspected by many experts of using several extra accounts to get action at the high stakes tables. Leading PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu also added fuel to the fire around Bleznick by making provocative comments in the table chat when one of Bleznick's supposed aliases was in action.

Following the controversy sparked by Dwan's comments, it remains unclear whether Dwan will continue as a Full Tilt Poker sponsored pro. His apparent disregard for FTP's Terms of Service must be considered as a serious faux pas, that will jeopardise his lucrative representation deal.

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