Fixed Limit Hold'em Week on PokerStars

 Fixed Limit Hold'em Week has started on PokerStars. Extra FPPs are available in FLH SNGs and cash games during Happy Hour, plus Taster Tourneys and Free Buy-ins for new players.

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Fixed Limit Hold'em Week is a throwback to the old days of poker. Before the popularity of No Limit Hold'em and Omaha, Fixed Limit Hold'em competed with 7 Card Stud as one of the most popular games in casinos. Pros such as Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth have spoken about crushing live Fixed Limit games before they made the leap into No Limit.

Nowadays, Fixed Limit Hold'em is seen as something of a sideshow to more fashionable games. As a result, there is easy money to be made against newcomers to this variation who cannot make the required adjustments. PokerStars are marking this week (8-14 July) with various Fixed Limit promotions, which make the games especially juicy. 

Hourly Tourneys

Throughout the week, PokerStars are laying on hourly $1.50 FLHE tourneys and 45-man SNGs. The low buy-in means that these games are ideal environments to learn the game's nuances in a tournament setting. 

Boosted Guarantee

The big Saturday FLHE Guarantee has been boosted beyond all recognition for one week only. The prize pool has not been doubled or tripled, but QUADRUPLED to become a monstrous $20,000 behemoth of an event. You can buy-in directly for $215, or qualify via satellites for $1 or less. 


Taster Tourneys

If the $1.50 hourly games seem too intimidating, why not dip your toes in the fixed limit water via the Taster Tourneys? For just 5 FPPs, you can get a feel for the game, while playing for a generous $500 prize pool.  

Happy Hour FPP Bonuses

If you play FLHE MTTs, ring games or SNGs during Happy Hour, you will get an extra 50% of FPP rewards. Happy hours are 04:00, 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00 (ET). Heads-up games do not qualify for this promotion.

FREE Buy-Ins

As mentioned in our banner, you can gain three FREE $1.50 FLHE tournament tickets when you make a deposit of $20 or more with the bonus code 'LIMIT'. That has to be well worth a try. 

Good luck at the limit tables.


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