Bitcoin Conference Starts Tomorrow

A conference on the subject of the revolutionary digital currency Bitcoin is to be held at Canary Wharf in London on Tuesday 2nd July. Attendees will be admitted on an invite-only basis, which will undoubtedly maintain a veil of secrecy over this intriguing concept.

Bitcoin is already accepted as a transaction method on several online poker rooms, including promising iPoker skin WinPoker. This digital currency is beneficial for players in many jurisdictions due to its unregulated status. The consequent anonymity of all Bitcoin transactions means that its users can keep their winnings private and avoid gambling taxation.


Bitcoin has garnered negative publicity due to the attentions of US Homeland Security. The USA government have always placed Bitcoin under close scrutiny, as its unregulated status could make it attractive to criminals who engage in money laundering. Mt. Gox - the world's largest Bitcoin exchange - had its operating facility confiscated by the FBI due to its failure to register Bitcoin as a company which engages in the transmission of funds. 

With Mt. Gox under a self-imposed two week suspension from the US market, anxious users bombared the exchange with requests to withdraw funds. Mt. Gox servers struggled under the pressure of this heightened activity, proving the growing popularity of Bitcoin as a transaction method. 

It is understood that the Canary Wharf Bitcoin conference will not address the subject of online poker specifically, but will discuss the potential for partnerships with general online gaming sites in depth. It remains to be seen whether the details of the conference will be leaked to the public, however it seems inevitable that Bitcoin will continue to spread its reach throughout the online world. 

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