ZOOM and BOOM with KK for 100 Big Blinds on PokerStars

The 100 Billionth Hand celebrations continue at a fast pace on PokerStars. On dates from June 24-30, a 100 big blind reward will be given to all players who can win a hand of ZOOM Poker post-flop with pocket kings, then share the hand via the BOOM hand replayer.

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This promotion is part of the anniversary hand celebrations which have already delivered a World Record Tournament, landmark hand giveaways and Golden Sit & Gos. The ZOOM and BOOM! mass giveaway is inspired by the recent PokerStars vote for the greatest televised moment in PokerStars-sponsored games. The winner of that poll was the infamous hand in which 'loose cannon' Ernest Wiggins out-drew Phil Hellmuth three times out of four with KK against A9 on a flop of 10 9 9. In honour of that wonderful moment in poker television history, PokerStars are rewarding all players who can win post-flop with KK. 

Zoom Poker is the PokerStars version of the popular Rush Poker concept, which gives 'quick fold' options to allow players to see many more hands that would be possible on a standard table. As a result of this, it should not take long to find KK. All you need is a little action! Once you win your hand post-flop with KK, you then need to share the hand via the BOOM! hand replayer.  

If you follow those steps, you will be credited with 100 big blinds for the stake you were playing during the winning hand. You will receive your money within 48 hours of sharing the hand on BOOM! player. Players can only make 1 ZOOM and BOOM! claim per day. If you win more than once with KK during a day, you will be paid according to the highest stake level you were playing. 

The maximum payout during this promotion is $100.



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