PKR Small Stakes Championships

The PKR Small Stakes Championships begin tomorrow. You can play all ten events for under $20, so this is an excellent chance for newcomers or players with limited bankrolls to experience the enjoyment of a tournament series. The SSC offers amazing value for money and great fun guaranteed. 

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Beginning on June 21st, the PKR Small Stakes Championship will consist of 10 fantastic tournaments in 10 days. The action concludes with a generous freeroll for all players who competed in the series. With deep stack games, short-handed events, full-ring, rebuy, turbo and standard speed games, the SSC includes an event for every taste. As PKR present the Internet's only 3D poker experience, this is the closest micro stakes players can get to WSOP action. 

The series concludes on July 3rd with a spectacular 1 Million PKR Points Freeroll. For those unfamiliar with this poker room, PKR points can be exchanged for tournament tickets, PKR merchadise, other items or 3D avatar accessories. A share of 1 Million points will go a very long way. For every event in the series in which you take part, you gain an extra 500 chips towards your starting stack in the Million Point Freeroll. 500 additional chips will be given to every player who participates in 3 to 7 events. 1,500 chips will be awarded to all players who take part in 8 or more events. 

Think of it as a mini WSOP. We hope you run good and scoop the big money. 



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