PokerStars 100 Billionth Hand Payouts Coming Soon

PokerStars will be dealing their 100 billionth hand in the next 24 hours. To mark the occasion, all players seated at the table during this 'Mega Milestone' hand, will win at least $10,000. Nice work if you can get it!

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As PokerStars are a well-established and successful poker room, it is very satisfying to see them rewarding the players who propelled them to such a strong market position. As part of the celebrations, the Mega Milestone 100,000,000,000th hand will be dealt at the ring game tables. 

To have a chance of being dealt the Mega Milestone hand, you must be seated at a PokerStars ring game table. This does NOT include Zoom Poker as these players would have an unfair advantage. The winner of the Mega Milestone hand will  receive at least $100,000, with all other players at that table getting at least $10,000. The remainder of the $1,000,000 reward will be shared between all players playing the same stake level and game type as the landmark hand. 

Make sure you are playing on PokerStars today to claim your share of the winnings!

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